Oxford-Bonjinsha presents the best text of Japanese language

How to learn Japanese
with GT-3800 (PDF)
Designed for English Speakers
learning Japanese.
Listen, Pronounce & Check up
Can look up both way by English and Japanese
1, What’s the Oxford-Bonjinsha
“Basic Japanese-English Dictionary”?
This dictionary has been compiled for use by foreigners studying Japanese who are still at begging to middle stage in studies. There are apprx.3,000 entries, which are the most important Japanese daily vocabularies. Moreover, approx. 7,000 sample phrases, 2,000 explanations, synonyms and antonyms are included with native voices.
There are two way methods for looking up Japanese words, input of “English” and “Japanese”. It allows the beginners, who do not know Japanese characters, to use this dictionary. Moreover, all Japanese vocabularies, phrases come with romanized script. This is the best dictionary and text of learning Japanese language.
2, Practice by Shadowing!
Shadowing is the most steady and surest method of learning language. To listen apprx.15,000 phrases and 80,000 headwords with native voice which are included in Globaltalker, to record your pronunciation and check up your voice. Repeating those procedure is “ the shadowing”.
It is not enough only to listen. You should pronounce and record it to Globaltalker and check up your voice.
3, Preparation for Japanese
Language Proficiency Test
All vocabularies included in the 3rd and 4th grade of Japanese Language Proficiency Test issued by the Japan Foundation is covered. The most effective tool for Japanese language learners, thanks of speaking, recording, cross searching and user’s dictionary functions
Included dictionaries and phrase book.
(all with native voice) Dictionary
[Comprehensive English-Japanese Dictionary]
135,000 entries (headwords)
[Comprehensive Japanese-English Dictionary]
80,000 entries (headwords) *only GT-3800
Oxford University Press
[Basic Japanese-English Dictionary]
approx.7,000 daily sample phrases
[Beginner’s Japanese-English Dictionary]
[Beginner’s English-Japanese Dictionary]
[The New Oxford American Dictionary]
80,000 entries (headwords) included 250,000 words
Comet (Hong Kong)
[Japanese-Chinese Dictionary] 40,000 entries (headwords)
[Chinese-Japanese Dictionary] 40,000 entries (headwords)
English-Chinese-Japanese 3L 3,300 phrase *only GT-3800
12 Languages Translator function 28,000 words and 3,300 phrase for each language *only GT-5200
English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Filippino, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai, Japanese
Useful functions :
User's dictionary : make your own word list for quick reference..
Voice Recording : check your pronunciation.
3 OSD languages : select OSD language from Japanese, English and Chinese (simplified & traditional)
Speaking Speed : 5 different speeds.
Comfortable size : study anywhere e.g. subway, bus, train, plane, etc..
Focus function : cross search for word using others dictionaries.
GT-3800 speaks all of explanations, headwords, sample phrases contained in "Oxford/Bonjinsha Basic Japanese-English Dictionary.
Focus function allows cross search of a word using another dictionary.
You may resister headwords from any dictionary into 6 user dictionaries. (Making your own word list.)
You can enter Japanese in "Romaji" & "Hiragana".
3 Languages Conversation
All phrases contained in the translator are spoken by 3 native speakers.
If you look up a word, the GT-3800 not only translates it into other languages, but also draws out sample phrases containing the chosen word.
All languages are displayed in their own letters with phonetic alphabet (except those languages natively using the alphabet)
Model GT-3800
Native Voice
Oxford/Bonjinsha Basic Japanese-English Dictionary
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Native Voice: all headwords, explanations, sample phrases for Japanese and English
Romaji Display: all Japanese headwords and sample phrases.
2 way input method "English" & "Japanese".
Obunsha's Comprehensive English-Japanese Dictionary
Publisher : Obunsha Co., Ltd.
Native Voice: all English headwords
Obunsha's Comprehensive Japanese-English Dictionary
Publisher : Obunsha Co., Ltd.
Native Voice: all English headwords
The new Oxford American Dictionary
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Native Voice : all English words contained in the dictionary
Oxford Beginner's Japanese Dictionary English-Japanese Sec.
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Native Voice : all English & Japanese words and phrases contained in the dictionary
Oxford Beginner's Japanese Dictionary Japanese- English Sec.
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Native Voice : all English & Japanese words and phrases contained in the dictionary
Comet Chinese-Japanese Dictionary
Publisher : Comet Electronic Publishing Co., Ltd.
Native Voice : All Chinese headwords
Comet Japanese-Chinese Dictionary
Publisher : Comet Electronic Publishing Co., Ltd.
Native Voice : All Japanese headwords and Chinese words
3 Language Conversetion
Contained Language Japanese (with Romaji), English, Chinese(with alphabet phonetic),
Voice all native voice for phrases
phrases approx. 3,300 phrases per language
English test 18 course x 100 (for TOEIC)
OSD language Japanese, English, Chinese(simplified and traditional)
LCD screen 240 x 120 dot matrix
Calculator 12 digit calculator (memory, %, functional calculation)
12 digit scientific calculation
Auto Power Off Automatic power off without usage during 1 to 10 min.
Size approx. 13(W) x 8.5(D) x 2(H) cm
Weight approx. 195g (including 2 AAA batteries)
Accessories Earphone x 1, Instruction Manual (Japanese, English, Chinese)
AAA battery x 2 (These are only for checking operation and may not have lasting power)
Regarding the 3 language data:
Three language translator data is based on bilingual relation between English and each other language. One or two meanings are given per word. Please remember there may be some words which have a slightly different meaning. Please also acknowledge that all languages changing day-by-day and/or place-by-place.
How to change operation language to English
1. Select 「設定」→「設定言語」(using arrow key) and push Enter (決定) key.
2. Select 「英語」 using arrow key.
3. Push Enter (決定) key, then change to English menu.
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